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Dear Dr. Keith Ablow,

Dr. Keith Ablow,

Okay, so, this:

I know, it’s somewhat presumptuous of me to think that I could possibly have anything to tell you, you, a member of the Fox News A-Team no less. And I’m not denying that Fox as a highly regarded medical organisation would probably know better than I what social commentary is absolute bollocks. However, on this rare occasion I cannot help but think there may be some points you have somehow over looked.

For one, I feel you should know that Chaz Bono, or any other transgender person, is not delusional. If a women thinks that she’s secretly a CIA agent, that’s the equivalent of my literally seeing a penis where there isn’t one. Someone who is biologically male knows that they are biologically male when they go to see a doctor, just as they know how unhappy that makes them. That’s more the equivalent of the J Crew salesperson going to see a physiologist and saying ‘I know I work at J Crew, but I hate it and wish I had a job in the City’. Unless I’m mistaken, this woman would not be told that she was insane, abnormal or dangerous for wanting to change her life in such a way. Indeed, a medical professional may in fact think it correct to help her achieve that aim, knowing that this personal change will make her happier, and is indeed her change to make. So you see, the analogy about the CIA agent, and the analogy about the 16 year old/61 year old, and the analogy about a missing child….they’re all making the same point, I take it? Please let me know if I’ve missed any substance there – I did say that an entire article based on one flawed analogy was very unlikely.

Second, I just thought I would let you know that on this particular issue there is another point of view. I know, it’s very rare, and I’m not saying Fox are wrong per se (surely, fox news are never wrong…), but there is actually another viewpoint that you might want to factor into your opinion. Because on the one hand, when Chaz Bono says he’s a man, he IS wrong…if ‘is a man’ is taken to mean ‘was born with a penis’. But if, for example, ‘is a man’ is taken by a large group of people to mean ‘lives, loves and thinks like a man’ then he could well be correct. Think of it this way – the Jewish faith is passed down through the maternal line, right? Well, it’s like me converting to Judaism, or being born a Jew and converting to Christianity. Now I’m not saying it’s wrong for you to come up to me without my asking and tell me that I don’t meet your standards of religion and therefore “You’re still a Jew, fact”… but as an aside, are you frequently punched in the face? Or, if I were to move to America, take the citizenship test and start living as an American. There are some who would say I was wrong to call myself American – mostly English people – but some people could get past it. Because being Jewish, and being American, and being male are about far more than a box on the census form, they mean more than simply meeting the criteria you have personal sanctioned as THE criteria of self identification – it’s about how you think and feel. It means something to think like an American and live as a Christian and call yourself a man.

So, you know, I’m not saying that you have just taken an arbitrary definition that you’re comfortable with, twisted it into the same flawed analogy five different times and asserted the authority of fact over something quite subjective before stamping the FOX news stamp on it and flaming the fire of intolerance…

Oh wait, yes I am.

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