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A Decade On

Stay the Course was the new logic, if America could just hold out long enough, just keep doing what it was doing then the world would recognise, then they’d see. But staying the course was tiring and debilitating, America was stuck, drenched in blood and unable to move forward or back. Stay the Course had been a choice, now it became an inevitability. What was America now? It was no longer the fireman leaping heroically into burning builders because it was too stretched to act, it had failed to be the world’s marshal by letting its biggest fish squirm off the hook, Iraq had rejected its role of as the bringer of peace and democracy and the world had rejected it as the moral torch in a murky world. The War on Terror had consumed all before it, people, countries, ideals and money but it had left nothing in its place. America was a lover spurned. Used, abused and discarded by a War that still wanted to be fed. Everywhere the West’s ideals were in tatters. From the feeble hearted opposition to Iraq, to complicity in extraordinary rendition and torture, the West was disrobed and revealed. It had sold its most precious possessions, its values and freedoms for the tiniest crumbs of comfort and security and was left with nothing to protect. Worse was to come.

Perhaps there should have been an air of inevitability, there was no other box left to tick, but instead the shock was palpable. America’s disastrous decade was to culminate in a home brewed economic collapse almost without equal. No buildings fell but companies came crashing down, hasty mergers were arranged which only served to pass on the mess and soon the debacle spread. Vast swathes of the world were plunged into full scale recession and mass unemployment. This would be how the world would truly end. Not in the fall of buildings and the wave of dust clouds but with repossessions, resignations and stock market boards covered in red. The West tried to stop the bleeding by jamming wounds with money, thrusting more and more in. The printed all they dared, they spent all they could afford but it was not enough, they desperately sought cash from outside. Their joy when it came was tempered by regret at whose kindness they had to appreciate. Communist Dollars dyed red from China, and petrodollars seeping with oil from the Middle East flooded into a market hungry for cash and starved of credit. America and the West were beholden to the nations they had mocked. Democracies went to autocracies with their begging bowls, the evolved state seeking help from those once deemed backward. The Civilisations were no longer clashing, they were banking.

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