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A Decade On

America was lost and needed a new message and it was delivered. The message was Change, its power was awesome and its range was infinite. New dawns were declared and hopes were raised but no rain came. Instead the long desert days continued. America continued to bleed, continued to stagger and teeter toward a new precipice. The Tea Party tried to remodel America again. This time as a nation of winners, struck low by a generation of losers. In the midst of the continuing crisis America’s bête noire was shot twice and killed by a member of Navy Seal Team Six. “For God and Country” he had radioed his superiors as the villain of the piece slumped to the floor. America waited for the inevitable wave of catharsis, and waited and waited. Somehow it didn’t seem to matter as much as they’d hoped. America had long ago cast off its identity as avenger of wrongs, no longer did it desire to dispense globe spanning justice, now it just wanted to pay the bills. As the decade since That Day reached its conclusion America gazed into a financial abyss as its debt ceiling loomed, and while one crisis was averted, barely, it still cost their prized credit rating.

The War on Terror ate America from the inside out. As the 10th anniversary of That Day approaches, Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay stays open, and its detained non-soldiers stay outside the law. Imprisoned by a linguistic twist that shows all America has done to its ideals and values to feed its insatiable desire for vengeance, only to discover that there are greater demons out there. The war in Afghanistan has appeared to finally outlast the war in Iraq in their private contest. The Patriot act remains in law and has been extended by the man who would be Hope. A decade ago, America’s greatness was unquestioned, now even its credit is challenged. America and the West turned the world upside down, they made the worst kind of allies, restricted freedom at home, ran roughshod over basic human rights abroad, and bled themselves dry on wars in the Middle East all because of a single event and a subsequent idea. Maybe the sickness I felt on That Day was a precognition that whatever was to come would be worse than what had happened. The War on Terror has eaten so much, destroyed so much, and used so much. It has left us all sick, and all complicit, in an era that has been defined by Terror but not the terror imposed by others but the terror the West generated in itself.

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