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The Thing About Buses…

So, apparently it’s ‘censorship’ to ban advertising by a blatantly homophobic organisation from running on London buses.

Yes, it is. We have censorship to prevent all sorts of dangerous images and messages from being seen by vulnerable people in society. If I took a violent film into a primary school I would be prevented from screening it for the children. “This is censorship!” I could cry, and yes it is, and rightly so.

You can choose to believe in homophobic batshit voodoo if you wish. If you want to spend a lot of time and money trying to get back in the closet that’s your own stupid fault. I wish those organisations didn’t exist – and let me make clear, those organisations are WRONG – but if you want to hold a meeting for equally prejudice adults to seek out and join, I’ll stomach that. I’ll stomach there being results when these deluded self-loathers Google ‘denial’. But to make a universally disproven claim, based on the premise that homosexuality is a disease, and then present it as fact for every impressionable young teen in London is different. You can be pro-anorexic if you want to, you can’t put a pro anorexia advert on the side of a bus.

The reason for that is not simply that we think you’re wrong. We live in a liberal society that accepts your right to be wrong. What we prevent are harms, like presenting homosexuality as a disease with absolutely no discussion, debate or evidence along side.

Further, you have a right to think what you like, but you are still obliged to abide by the laws of society. You can think slavery was a good idea and you can post that on your blog if you want. But when you’re arrested for keeping a slave, you aren’t able to shrug and say ‘well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree’. No we won’t. We live in a liberal democracy where the fairly elected representatives of the people have passed laws entitling homosexuals equal rights and dignity. You can disagree with it, but you have to abide by it.

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