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SteveName: Steve
Posts as: GirlSteve
Twitter: GirlSteve
Email: girlsteve at scarlettnation dot co dot uk

Liberal socialist feminist pro-choice Christian gay rights supporter and Doctor Who fan. I believe in the goodness in human nature, the power of empathy, the parental role of the state, the power of well structured debate and the equal importance of all human life. I remain baffled that homelessness and the debate on gay marriage are still around in 2011.

Janvier circa 1986Name: Janvier
Posts as: Janvier
Twitter: JSlayerUK
Email: janvier at scarlettnation dot co dot uk

British. Feminist. Labour Party member. Cockney. Baker. Arsenal fan. Grammar school educated. Middle class. Gamer. Geek. Law student. Mathematics graduate. Pro-choice.


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